The United States ignores China repeated advice take Nanhai attack Wang Yi denounced the Military Ch 延安大学研究生教育网

The United States ignores China repeated advice take Nanhai revolt – Sohu Wang Yi denounced the military channel map for 23 days, Wang Yi visited the United states. [Global Times comprehensive report], I hope you will not only focus on the deployment of radar, more attention should be paid from time to time into the South China Sea missile destroyers and strategic bombers. We should not only focus on what China deploys, but also understand the various radars and various military installations deployed by the countries that have illegally occupied China’s reefs for decades in Nansha." Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Secretary of State Condoleezza Kerrey in Washington on 23, patiently advising the United States and some western people not to selectively hype China’s so-called "militarization" of the islands in the South China sea. On the same day, the two sides talked not only about how to control the differences, but also how to deepen cooperation. However, China repeated advice and diplomatic departments consultations are not reduce the U.S. military in the South China Sea issue tone. Harris, the commander of the US Pacific Command, testified at the Senate Military Committee that China was "seeking to become the overlord of East Asia" and "changing the military environment"". The latest big American media also disclosed China sent warplanes to get excited over a little thing "to Yongxing island"". The United States has selectively enlarged or selectively neglected, which makes it increasingly clear that who is "militarization" of the South China Sea, who is seeking "Asia Pacific hegemony"". Wang Yi stressed after the meeting, "Nansha’s militarization is not a matter of which, but the need for all parties to make efforts for it.". Therefore, we hope that in the future the less close surveillance of provocation, showing less advanced weapons".

美国无视中国再三劝告拿南海发难 王毅痛斥-搜狐军事频道 图为23日,王毅访美。   【环球时报综合报道】“希望大家不要只关注是否部署雷达,更应重视不时闯入南海的导弹驱逐舰和战略轰炸机。不要只关注中国是否部署了什么,还应了解那些非法占据中国岛礁的国家几十年来在南沙部署的各类雷达及种种军事设施。”   中国外长王毅23日在华盛顿同美国国务卿克里举行会谈,耐心地劝告美国和西方一些人不要有选择性地炒作中国对南海岛礁进行所谓“军事化”的问题。当天双方不仅谈到如何管控分歧,也谈了如何深化合作。不过,中国再三的劝告和中美外交部门的磋商,都没有降低美国军方在南海问题上的调门。   美国太平洋司令部司令哈里斯在参院军事委员会作证时宣称,中国“正寻求成为东亚霸主”,“改变(美军)军事行动环境”。美国媒体也“大惊小怪”地公开中国向永兴岛上派遣战机的“最新大动作”。美国这种有选择性地放大或有选择性地忽视,让人们越来越清楚地看到到底是谁在把南海“军事化”,谁在“寻求亚太霸权”。   王毅在会后强调,“南沙的非军事化不是哪一家的事,而是需要各方一起为之做出努力。为此,我们希望今后少一些抵近侦察的挑衅,少一些先进武器的炫耀”。相关的主题文章:

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